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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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burying the victims of a suicide bombing at a football match in iraq after i.s.i.l. attacks civilian and military targets also coming up in this program we report on the battles of palmyra. syrian forces say they have taken control of three parts of that city. as brussels continues to mourn its dead, belgium charge three suspects with terror offences. tens of thousands of yemenis and
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a former president protest on the first anniversary of the saudi-led bombing campaign. a speed train that has been a long time coming. fighters from islamic state in iraq and the levant have killed at least 18 iraqi soldiers by attacking an air base and suicide bombers stormed the base. it is a base which is home to hundreds of u.s. military trainers as well as iraqi forces. elsewhere in iraq funerals have been held for victims of the recent bombings. syrian government forces have retain at least several districts in palmyra.
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our correspondent reports on the attack on the air base. >> reporter: around to on ten fighters from i.s.i.l. succeeded in gaining access to the base and some blew themselves up and some were killed. clashes have been between those fighters before they were killed and also the forces. some soldiers from the iraqi forces killed in these clash es but it is not said how many have been killed in this operation. the source did not talk about whether those fighters reached the offices under the control of american forces in this base, but another source says those fighters are under the control
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of american forces. it is known that trainees after advisers of the forces are based in this base, but at this moment the clashes happened inside the base, the people who have been killed inside the base due to the clashes are only iraqis and it didn't reach the american offices or base. sources says the i.s.i.l. fighters reached some important offices, and one is the telemmunication off i.s.i.l. said it carried out friday's attack on the football stadium south of bag dald which left more than 40 people dead. >> reporter:-- bag dald. >> reporter: the end of a football game and it's time to present the trophies but among the crowd a suicide bomber.
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the explosion killed dozens of people be and injured more than 100. i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility for the attack. verifying 17-year-old here was the bomber. it could be the losses on the battle field that could be provoking these attacks. the secretary general arrived in bag dald. ban ki-moon says i.s.i.l. is ex-planning sectarian divisions. he is calling on the government to reconcile she an and you sunni communities. there is an offensive to retake the city some time this year. mosul is cut off on three sides by kurdish peshmerga forces. the u.s. defense department says
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it's looking to increase the number of american troops in iraq to support the country's ground fight against i.s.i.l. bernard smith let's hear from an expert in middle eastern politics. he says i.s.i.l.'s change in tactics isn't surprising >> two important things have changed over the last six or seven months. the first point is that i.s.i.s. is losing its almost unlimited wealth. it is facing lots of financial and economic difficulties and it is no longer relying on taxation in extremely lucrative areas in areas which it has lost and at the same time it cannot rely on the oil revenues the way that it did at some stage in 2015. the other factor is that since
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may islamic state have not been able to gain even an inch or it hasn't been able to basically have a serious achievement. at the same time it has lost about 40% of its ground in iraq and over 20% of its territories in syria. so i.s.i.s. has no choice but to change its tactics. for example, by relying on methods and tactics like suicide bombing, it doesn't have to use a great deal of resources but at the same time it can have a major impact syrian state media says the government forces have taken control of three areas inside the ancient city of palmyra. the troops are attacking i.s.i.l. fighters on a number of different fronts and claimed to have taken full control of the district in the north of the city. these are government forces clearing a building which had
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been held by i.s.i.l. i.s.i.l. still claims to control parts of palmyra. joop >> reporter: activists have told al jazeera that government forces are now in control of the city. there is a vantage point over the entire city and it means they will be in control of the city itself. we have reports that i.s.i.l. is putting a tough fight in a number of areas, but we know from different reports that the government forces are also clearing a number of areas. the importance of the entire city is quite big for the regime and also for the russians because it connects the area to a stronghold. there is an i.s.i.l. stronghold
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there. prosecutors brussels have announced the arrest of a suspect. brussels understandably is still tense and a big rally planned for sunday has been postponed for fears. >> reporter: in the middle here is this man brahim el-bakraoui, on the left najim laachraoui and the man on the right. the third man's device failed to blow up. his arrest seems extraordinary.
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this is a man who may be the third airport bomber, a bomber whose photograph has been all over the belgium media and yet arrested here outside the federal prosecutors offices. there are new names, new connections emerging every day. it is now clear that the paris and brussels attacks were the work of one network, not separate cells. the brussels airport bombers, najim laachraoui was connected by d.n.a. evidence to an address used by the par ils bombers. salah abdeslam and others. najim laachraoui is a suspected bomb maker and his d.n.a. was found on explosive belts used in paris. the suicide bomber at the metro was this man who had entered the house in the paris attackers
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used before their attacks and rented the hide out in brussels where salah abdeslam fled. several are still being hunted like this man. 101 casualties are still being treated in hospital. four of those killed in tuesday's bomb tacks have yet it be positively identified. it is a difficult an forensic task. >> translation: you have to understand that a terrorist bomb contains lots of pieces and they hilt the victims at a high speed. we won't release further details. >> reporter: brussels remains tense. there will be a memorandum more wralial on-- memorial on sundays >> for the inquiries we need a lot of police capacity all over the country and it is our main
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priority to let the police in the best circumstances possible do these inquiries. >> reporter: the organisers agreed. the rally is off. but the grieving goes on the former yemeni president has called for an end to the conflict in the country during a mass protest. tens of thousands were out in the capital marking the first anniversary of saudi-led coalition bombing campaign against rebel houthi fighters. saudi are blaming the government for the suffering of the citizens. >> reporter: from this place we extend the hand of peace, too return to the security council which is incapable of solving anything 25 people died in suicide
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bombing in yemen. fighters linked to i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility. one car bomb went off near a military checkpoints and two others on a road leading to a base. still to come here on the program, unrest and violence have changed the face of this iconic and historical site. the latest in the chinese investigation into an illegal vaccine scandal. vaccine scandal.
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i.s.i.l. fighters have killed at least 18 iraqi soldiers in an attack. ten bombers stormed the air base north-west of baghdad. prosecutors have announced the arrest of a third bomber. the former yemeni president has called for an end to the conflict in the country during a mass protest in the capital six months of terrible violence in israel and occupied east jerusalem. as a result more security measures particularly at places such as the historic damascus gate which has been in focus. a report on how violence is affecting every day life there. >> reporter: damascus gate, an
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integral part of life in occupied east jerusalem and known to be the busiest entrance into the old city. not any more. the street market sellers have gone. there is now an eerie silence here. >> translation: these days the israeli forces are suspicious of everything. if your hands are inside your pockets, their hands will be on the trigger trying to shoot. >> reporter: it has become a hot spot during the last six months. it has made the security beef up. they stand behind barriers they didn't before. the trees have been cut so there's a clearview. we can now only stand in certain locations. these steps used to be full of people. that is no longer allowed. there is security all around this area and there are sniper positions on either side of the
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gate. palestinians say this amounts to collective punishment. many tell us that they're scared that any wrong martin o'malley to get you shot. walk inside the old city, there's another street that has seen multiple attacks. again, security has been increased. that man has owned his shop for 40 kwleers and says it is never been this bad. >> this is the most worse time in all my life here. it is very complicated. you have no future for us. no future for the children. everything, nobody looking for jerusalem. every day is worse than the day before. >> reporter: the security situation is difficult control considering the nature of the attacks often by palestinians acting alone. israeli police tells us that various p units have been deployed in the area in order to maintain the safety of all the residents and the tourists.
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many palestinians dispute that some attacks take place. what is clear is that life has been sucked out of this once busy place and replaced by tension and uncertainty. the egyptian army says it has killed 60 i.s.i.l. fighters in northern sinai. 40 others were hurt during raids which destroyed 32 weapons depots in the cities of raffa. a launch killed 15 police. greece is saying that it is going do not moving refugees away from the macedonian border. about 400 people left the camp on friday aboard eight buses. two more buses were provided to take those to shelters on saturday, but more than 10,000 people are still there and many say they've got no plans to go
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anywhere. >> translation: at first i thought the other camp would be better, but i realized it might be the same, so it makes no difference. all we do is change locations. it's better here because it is closer to the border. >> translation: there's no way we will go to the other camps. we didn't come to camps to escape from hunger. we're escaping a war. we didn't stay and have fun and eat and drink look like animals. we came for a new hope. >> reporter: some have been stuck along the border here for weeks now have decided to move to government-run camps. 450 boarded buses on friday. the buses are here today as well and they're hoping that they can relocate more people, but they're also facing another problem. it's not just persuading people to leave here, but the fact that there isn't enough space. these are accommodation centers cannot house the people because
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authorities are struggling to deal with this crisis. there are 50 thousand migrants and refugees across the country. there are those who do not want to leave. they have hope that the border will open even though many people are resigned to the fact that they may be stuck here. they believe that by staying theory they can pressure the macedonian authorities and e.u. and keep their polite in the media so they will not be forgotten. they have to apply for the relocation program. people are growing december operate especially those who want to be reunited with atheir families. it is going to take a long time for these people to get appointments. the greek government are hoping to employ for staff members to speed up the process authorities in park stan say they have arrested a former indian naval officer for
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suspected spying. the alleged operative of the agency was captured in its troubled province. on friday there was a protest while new delhi has denied any link at all to the officer. india's rolling out a free vaccination for the rotavirus. the indian health minister says between 80 and 100,000 indian children die each year from diarrhoea caused by the rotavirus. it will initially be available in only five states. food safety officials in china are continuing their investigation into an illegal vacuum cease scandal. they've revoked the licences of
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four pharmaceutical kilometers and more than 100 people have been arrest. our correspondent is reporting on that. all of this is severely dented public confidence in health and safety regulation. >> reporter: this lady became concerned after news emerged of having broken up an illegally vaccine ring that had been in operate for fours years >> translation: i'm worried because i don't know if this is the only case or there are many cases like this in the whole country or whether it will happen again. >> reporter: last april police arrested a mother and daughter accused of being the ring leaders. they had bought vaccines from licensed and unlicensed traders and resold them to hospitals and clinics. the drugs were made by approved manufacturers but they were not stored or transported with
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adequate refrigeration. the world health organisation and government health bodies have said the vaccines are very unlikely to cause adverse side effects. despite the assurances many parents are still angry. one of the reasons why parents are so suspicious is because china does not have a good record when if comes to food and drug safety. on social media sites parns are comparing this issue with cases of tainted formula milk. in 2008 many died after dripping milk contaminated. while the safety of the vaccine in this case is not thought to be an issue, questions are scald as to how it could have happened. >> translation: why was there this lack of supervision? sometimes laws and rules are not supervised enough. >> reporter: over the past week police have arrested more than
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100 people and are investigating dozens of form suit kal companies. parents want to see more accountability. >> translation: the government supervisors should be held responsible, not just the mother and daughter. >> reporter: many blame the government for releasing news about this a year after the suspects were arrested last april myanmar's first ever stock exchange is open for business. only one company is so far is lifted. its share price went up by 19% in about an hour. activists sent messages in relation to condemnation of the succession of the nuclear missile program.
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japan's newest bullet train started up and connects the main island with the smaller island. there is an under sea tunnel. >> reporter: japan has long been known for its love affair with trains. this is its latest effort, a five billion dollar project with a new bullet train that connects the main island with the smaller island. tickets for the journey sold out in just 25 minutes. >> translation: i'm getting more excited as i'm seeing the train t i just couldn't sleep it. i woke um at 1am and couldn't sleep. >> reporter: it was planned in 1972. that's nearly a decade after japan's first bullet train connected tokyo with the southern city of osaka. it will take travellers four
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hours to reach the designation saving an hour. it stretches for nearly 150 kilometers. it is home to famous ski resorts, national park and geothermal springs >> translation: it is finally completed. it is not only only a very happy moment but also a moment we hope will help with increasing tourism and boosting the local economies there. >> reporter: the line also runs through a 54 kilometer undersea tunnel. at 240 metres below sea level, it is the deepest operational main lined dunl in the world. official tz say they hope to extend the line to the northern ied city by 2030 bitcoin once a dirty word is getting interest from major banks who like the technology
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behind the payment system and its independence from the global banking sector. >> reporter: this café holds a ewe neat place in the state of florida. it is home to the only bit coin cash machine around. >> we start and our first steps to go ahead an scan your id >> reporter: it is parliament of a growing network of bit coin machines that is rapidly evolving monetary system >> it is becoming a teenager. that is a good natural for it. the industry is ensuring the services that are needed as infrastructure to kind of help the next wave of start ups is built, continues to be improved. >> reporter: the currency is only p seven years old but it is beginning to pique the interest. it is a lopping way from the
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days when it was associated with drug deals and hackers. this man says he hasn't booked a hotel or flight with anything but bit coin for the past two years. as director of content, he told us the it's the relative security >> if you have your own bit coin wallet known is able to take that money away from you. i think that gives people a really good understanding of how safely they can story their money, their vaublt. >> reporter: over the years it has been written off, but there are issues. as the number of users increase, transaction ks be unpredickable. the serious is the falling out, which is a taxic community.
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increasing the networks compat. it is a long way of replacing banking. regulation issues and it remains a steep learning curve. >> it is still very risky. particularly if you're counting on it coming into widespread useless. it is a difficult thing for consumers to use. >> reporter: 2016 is shaping up to a turbulent year in the global market. it is that uncertainty that may seen bit coin emerge as a new way of thinking about money going to the north-west, a big thanks by bernie sanders who has picked up alaska in the caucuses waiting to see what has happened in hawaii and washington. still a long way ahead. an n.a.s.a. cargo ship has docked on the international space station.
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they grabbed the ship, brought goings on board. it has 3.5 thousand kilos of fresh food and equipment. a 3d printer as well. go to for all the news. he news. genetic modification, incredible science in the lab usually means this. it can be controversial, it can also be extremely beneficial. >> just like that, i'm genetically modified the mosquitos that carry two


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